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About Us

Welcome to RMR Marketing Pvt. Ltd

We at RMR Marketing Pvt. Ltd. believes that every person has the potential to grow his/her own life faster, smarter and lead the life in most elegant way and can achieve financial success through MLM. It also provides opportunity of equal earning to every one. Keeping that view in mind we are working very past to increase our member base to all corners of the country to not only enhance our support base but to also spread our products and other related services to the end user.

Message From Management Desk

Life is full of uncertainties and simply unpredictable. Especially, the environment which we are living -in, is absolute hazardous. The effects of polluted and hazardous environment is such, that we witness in our day to day life, everybody having one or the other problems; physically or mentally. The reasons are not far to seek. We spend a large amount of our earnings on health care which can be easily averted if proper guidelines towards health are ensured.

We as a company were in search of unique products, which could address to the problems a common man faces in his day to day life. Products, which will make a man not only healthy but wealthy as well. This is how our journey started off at RMR Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

We introduced unique Products free from chemical and pesticides. Today, we are specially known for our products, which are not only qualities based but result oriented too.

Apart from health care products, we are also into personal care and many more will soon appear which are already in the pipe-line.

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Jamtara Road, Nirsa Sec-1, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India, Pin - 828205

Customer Care +91 6205091951

For Business Support 8340570164 (MILAN SIR)

For Products Support +916205982543 (RAKESH SIR)

For Admin Support +918226804910(KARAN SIR)



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